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Let’s Go Revlon! Top Revlon Nail Paints Available In India

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Let’s Go Revlon! Top Revlon Nail Paints Available In India

Nail Paints are something every woman love to apply. Any function?Apply nail paints. This is a basic necessity or better called an essential makeup ingredient. And these days you can come across wonderful nail arts. Want to design your nails? Just buy the nail art kit online and design your nails as per your desire. Not good at these kind of stuff? Hop on to the makeup tutorials on YouTube or Instagram. Thanks to the social sites that always come to our rescue.

“Practice will lead to perfection.” This saying is applicable in almost all cases. Be it studies, achieving your goal, cooking or any other activity, continuous practice is something that’ll help you attain perfection. The same saying goes for the makeup and beauty. Applying nail paint is an art and practice is something that’ll help you achieve the astonishing look.

Nothing is exciting than dipping down your nails in the beautiful shades. Nail Paints provide a classy and elegant look. On the other hand, this little product could do wonder if your nails are strong and healthy, that’s why it is advised to have shiny and healthy nails to apply nail paints like a pro. Talking about the different nail paint shades, a small colour and application could do wonder.

Which is your favourite brand of nail paints? There are the numbers of brands serving amazing shades. One well-known name is ‘Revlon’, this brand has been around for a long time and has done a great job in keeping up to date with the changing trends and colours and moreover offers more than 60 shades to choose from. This brand is a go because of its quality, price, colour range, drying time and availability.

Have a look at the best Revlon Nail Polish that can easily be available. Want to dip down your nails in some funky colours with a matte texture? Go for Revlon Neon Matte Nail Enamel. For the instant shine and reflective look go for Revlon Chrome Nail Enamel.

  • Revlon Neon Matte Nail Enamel: This Pick from Revlon is famous among both the teenage and the ladies. It offers wonderful shades and 2 coats are enough if perfectly applied. Flaming Matte, Marine, Rosy, Orange, Wild Green and Funky Limelight are some of the demanding shades of Revlon Matte Nail Polish. This is long-wearing matte texture nail paint with great colour payoff. For better appearance for the nail shade apply Revlon Matte Top Coat.
  • Revlon Chrome Nail Enamel: Glitter is cute, Metallic is chic and all agreed on this. But are you looking for a bit more edge on your nails? Pick for the Revlon Chrome Metal Finish, it provides great coverage, instant shine and reflective look. Moreover, it offers soft and luxurious shades. These nail enamels are free of DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde. Rust, Leaf, Jewel, Mulberry, Rouge, Wine, Aqua are some of the most demanded nail paints shades  and various other cities of India.

Which one is your favourite? If you are a Revlon Lover than give a try to different shades from Revlon and flaunt your look.


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