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Reduce Your Dark Circles with Olay Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

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Reduce Your Dark Circles with Olay Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

‘Ageing,’ is the only word that brings nightmares amongst women. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots and blemishes are some of the signs of skin ageing. But slowly everybody accepts it as a natural phenomenon with the passage of time. But some take it as a serious issue and start running after things to cure it at the earliest. And, why not? If you get a chance to cure up something, give it a try. One of the best ways is to include best skin care products such as cream or lotion in your daily schedules.

Your skin is your best friend and you ought to care for it anyhow. Take some time and love your skin. Protect it from the over-polluted environment and the changing seasons. In this modern area, you get answers to almost all your problems and there are a number of anti-ageing tips and options available. Apart from all the tips and home remedies, the beauty market is here for your help with the rich ingredients products for you.

The cosmetic market knows our requirements and provides us with wonderful collection from makeover to curing the changes if any. The anti-ageing eye creams are available in the offline and online market all over India.

Have you heard about Olay? ‘Olay’ is one of the favourite and most demanded products among the ladies. Its entire skincare range is awesome and loved by many. One of the amazing cures for your fine lines and a dark spot is Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream. This pick from Olay family can be used as both a moisturizer as well as a concealer. The ingredients it contains are- vitamins, minerals, cooling cucumber extracts and soothing aloe vera for younger-looking skin. As it name it helps fight 7 signs of ageing and provide younger looking skin.

How to Apply?

The creamy texture is quite soft and a small pinch is enough. Take a small quantity and dab it on the under eye area. Avoid applying in large quantity as it will make fine lines more visible, and you don’t want any such thing to occur. So keep a check on the quantity to be applied. If the application of such creams causes itching or irritation avoid using it and consult your dermatologists, as, safety should be your priority. Eyes are very sensitive area and you ought to be careful in what you choose.

Have a look at the merits and demerits of Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream.


- Smooth in texture

- Can be used as a moisturiser and a concealer

- Well packed

- Travel friendly

- Reduces crow feet

- Reduces dark circles and wrinkles

- Doesn’t look patchy or dry underneath the eyes

- Hides fine lines and helps in their reduction

- Mild fragrance


- Doesn’t get easily absorbed

- Contains chemical

- The jar is made of glass, so it requires care


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