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Top 5 Affordable Nail Paints Brands Available in India

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Top 5 Affordable Nail Paints Brands Available in India

From the youth’s to the old ladies, everyone loves to paint their nails with wonderful nail colours. And who doesn’t love colouring up their nails with some astonishingly wonderful colours? Talking about India, Indian ladies love to makeup and remain up to date with the flourishing beauty market. Better called ‘solah shringar’ is the ultimate style statement for the Indian women.

Coming back to one of the necessary fashion item, i.e. nail paints, have done wonders on its application. Everyone loves to try on new shades and colours. Thanks to the online market that provides nail paints at an affordable price. But when it comes to shop for the best we are quite confused. Which one is the best and safest, which nail paint brand offer cool colours are some of the questions that bother us? Here’s a small guide to the five nail polish brandsthat are popular and easily available in India.

4- Perpaa: Perpaa, the emerging name in the cosmetic industry is all set to impress the users with the wonderful nail paint shades. It is said- “Nail polish speaks louder than words.” So let your nail speaks and grabs the attention. Try for Perpaa Metallic Chrome Nail Enamel Combo and Perpaa Premium Long Wear Nail Enamel. The nail paints they offer are amazing and affordable. Shop for this nail paint combo at

3- Maybelline: This is one of the International Brand i.e. the top-selling brands in India. Maybelline offers wonderful cosmetic and beauty products. Color Show and Express Finish have literally taken over the nail polish scene in India. These are super-cheap and one of the affordable nail paint brand in India. Plus, Color Show is a must try as it offers about 40 vibrant colours to choose from.

2- Colorbar: Seeking for a quality material? Colorbar is here for you. This brand offers gorgeous range of colours from glitters to finishing shades to the peppiest colours. Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer is a must try. Shop for Colorbar nail polish online and paint your nails wonderfully.

1- Revlon: One of the most trusted brand when it comes to buying nail polish online in Guwahati. Revlon has been around for a long time and have done a great job walking in hands with the changing trend and offers more than 60 shades to choose from. Revlon Neon Matte Nail Enamel is a must go.

Which one is your favourite? How frequent you apply the nail paints? Do share your views and let us know your favourite!


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